About Love Dogs Camp, LLC!

The Central Coast Holistic Dog Center.

Founded in November, 2002 by Carolyn Leighton, Love Dogs Camp is offers cage free environment to families seeking a positive, holistic alternative to kennels when they want daycare, boarding, grooming and positive training for the dogs they love.

Our work here is focused on creating optimal environments where dogs can fully develop and express their unique gifts and positively contribute to their families.

In 2015, Love Dogs Camp will establish the first Jobs4Dogs Training Center in America.

According to the Smartest Dog Episode on 60 minutes, many dogs have a capacity far beyond what is commonly believed. The Border Collie featured in this episode was trained to identify more than 2,000 objects by name. University of Cornell states dogs have a vocabulary of 600 words or more. Dogs can anticipate earthquakes before brilliant scientists, and detect tumors before very competent doctors.

Dogs have special gifts we have not even discovered yet.

Dogs Deserve a Purpose and a Job

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