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In order for your dog to reach his or her fullest potential, he or she needs to receive proper training. At Love Dogs Camp, we offer a variety of training services and customize each training session to best fit the needs of both you and your dog.

About Our Training Director

Jason Stinson recently returned from providing canine services and training in Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia over the last 12 years.

Throughout his career, Jason has trained and handled dogs for scent detection, scent discrimination, tracking, obedience, police / military / personal protection usage. Prior to working overseas, Jason assisted with the training of both family pets and law enforcement dogs throughout SLO County, and was involved in various dog activities and competitions, including agility and flyball.

Jason has a passion for working with dogs and enjoys sharing that experience with others.

"I believe dogs have gifts and intelligence yet to be appreciated, and know from my own experience amazing results can be achieved through a positive teaching relationship of mutual respect with dogs."

What We Work On With Our Training Services




Behavior Challenges

Positive Socialization

Why Dog Owners and Dogs Love our Training Programs

We train through respect, positive engagement, fun, and intellectually challenging games

We are committed to POSITIVE training to teach your dog how to be confident and successful in his or her training.

At home or at camp, each training session is designed to address the needs of each individual dog and its family.

We take the time to understand each dog's unique personality and customize our approach to help your dog be the best he/she can be!

We are reliable and trustworthy-- your dog is in a safe place!

The dogs who come to our camp come from loving, committed families unwilling to take their dogs to caged environments, so they are not acting out because of unhealthy environments.

All dogs at camp are supervised 24/7 by our staff and are never left alone

The Four Pillars of Our Training Program

1. Our training programs are customized to suit each dog's unique personality

2. NO shock collars, intimidation, physical punishment or fear used or tolerated

3. Our training programs are about positive engagement, fun, and intellectually challenging games

4. We are committed to understanding the canine experience from the dog's point of view

Just listen to what Heidi, one of our daycare, boarding, and training, clients has to say about why she loves our training program!


"Jason is so kind - patient and intuitive. We worked on boundaries and how to greet people at our home with manners. We learned a lot and loved the in home service."

Laurie Coggan

"What a wonderful man with such gentle ways with the pups! We will be using him for more advanced training. We were very impressed (as were George and Gracie) Please let us know if and when they can come to camp."

Gael Mueller

"Jason immediately recognized the strengths and weaknesses of our dog, Mina. Most useful was that Jason taught my wife and I to identify what Mina was communicating to us and how to best respond. Jason had very little information as to the situation he was walking into but was very quick to pick up on what I and my wife wanted for our one year old Mina. Thanks to Carolyn and Jason our Mina is back on track and ready to excel to more advanced skills.

I wished I could have provided Jason with more information but just the same it was great having somebody who knows exactly what he/she is doing. Jason's background matched what we wanted for our Mina.

We still have some thinking and work to do before we follow up with Jason but we have high hopes for our Mina and can't wait to see her do what she loves to do."

Sam Rolfe

"Hi Carolyn. Jason was terrific. After his visit, Buster seemed to immediately understand that he has to listen to commands and that he cannot just do what ever he wants. He is also behaving better with our other dog and the cats. I have taken Jason's advise and have purchased a Kong toy and the Bitter Yuck. Also, I feel better and more patient with him. It helps me feel more positive about him now that I have some new skills to cope with the various behaviors that we are trying to correct. I think Buster is going to be a really good dog when he grows up! :)"

Julie Costa-Lee

"Hi Carolyn,
Jason has been such a blessing to us. Our new puppy is such a sweet dog, but of course he has some issues. Jason is able to understand what your dog needs on an individual basis. He uses different techniques depending on these needs. Positive reenforcement makes training so much easier. Training one on one with both of us and our dog was so informative. Jason is very kind and patient. We are very happy he is in our camp."

Thanks so much,

Hal and Paula Malone and Tucker too!

"Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to tell you how well our dog training session with Jason Stinson went last Saturday. First of all, our two dogs (our "girls") accepted him quickly, but it's important to note that the humans in the house also liked him very much! Jeff and I are not always comfortable around the same kind of people, but we both felt at ease with Jason. He is: skilled, confident and knowledgeable - friendly, supportive and positive - a good listener, nonjudgmental and flexible about personalizing solutions for our particular situation. We appreciated that Jason never made us feel rushed or tried to press us into a specific agenda. He took his time with us, always considering the unique personalities and health issues of our dogs. We watched our girls respond and learn in just those few hours, and the techniques were things we can do on our own within our regular routine. For their health and safety, it is of the utmost importance that my girls improve their manners and socialization skills, and I was a bit emotional when the day began, afraid they would fail. But by the time we finished our session, my tears had dried and Jeff and I were so encouraged. We needed a trainer who loves and respects dogs, but also someone who really understands them as Jason does. His qualities and personality were the perfect match for us, and we would not hesitate to contact him in the future or recommend him to others."

Carey Reimer, Nipomo

"This is a long review because I have so many great things to say about Love Dogs Camp. If you want the short story - we drove 5 hours from our home in San Diego just to have our dogs stay with Carolyn and her staff when we went on vacation to Germany and India for 2 weeks. We have 3 big, active adult dogs and only live in the Pismo Beach area 2-3 months a year. As I travel for work, I need a place where I can board my boys while we are there. I have been very impressed with Love Dogs Camp and the staff. From the initial interview through all the stays my boys have had, they are attentive to my concerns and Carolyn is in communication with me about any issues that may arise. She has a mobile vet who came to take care of an ear infection Guinness got one stay (he gets them all the time - nothing related to camp).

I like that Jason, the trainer, is onsite during the week and works with both the dogs and staff to ensure everyone is happy and safe. Two of my boys acted up one visit (jumping up on the staff when the dogs are 65 lbs and 105 lbs is an issue) and the team was immediately on the situation with remedial training for the dogs and us. I appreciate the attention that was paid and positive approach they took.

The space for the dogs to run is nice and well shaded. There is another yard with agility toys. When the dogs are not playing in the yards, they have the run of the house and patio. Just like at home. At night, their routing is just like at home - relaxing with the humans and snoozing on the sofas. I am sure if your dogs is used to sleeping in a crate, they'd accommodate you.

I think the home-like atmosphere eliminates many of the problems you see at boarding facilities of dogs having separation issues or acting up because their routine is interrupted. When we pick them up, since their routine and interaction has been like usual, there is no adjustment for them to make. Conversely, dropping them off, they are happy to arrive and adapt right away to their home away from home..

- Deborah W.


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